Able Engineering

Improved Efficiency

Although the new Able plating operations’ square footage increased more than 500 percent, the company didn’t expand its capabilities more than what it had in the previous facility in Phoenix. “We already had these processes going, but we didn’t have them lined up very efficiently,” Hoverson says. “That was the key in designing the new space, and we are certainly seeing the quality of our lines improve, because we now have dedicated lines and dedicated rinses. Plus we’ll be a zero-discharge facility.”

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“The return on investment is superfast with their boilers, so we actually ended up getting two of them.”Yuri Hoverson (Able's Project Engineering Manager)
Pictured above are the two (2) T2160R Direct Fired Hot Water Boilers. The complete installation was a new hot water system, which included two high efficiency, direct-fired hot water boilers, which offer as much as 2.16 million Btu input each. The atmospheric burner is about 85-percent efficient.

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