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Steam Boilers are manufactured in a wide range of sizes from 1-1/2 to 150 H.P. for gas, propane, light oil, or combination gas/light oil firing, and for pressures 15 to 250 PSI. Premix metal fiber Low NOx models are also available. Parker Boilers have a record of unsurpassed safety, efficiency and reliability. Full steam is generated in less than 10 minutes from a cold start. Fully packaged and factory fire tested.

102 Series
102 series: 1.5 to 3 H.P,
Brochures and Specifications

103 Series
103 series: 7 to 25 H.P.
Brochures and Specifications

104 Series
104 series: 30 to 50 H.P.
Brochures and Specifications

105 Series
105 series: 70 to 150 H.P.
Brochures and Specifications

(Not shown above 101 series)
(5 to 22 H.P.) U-drum steam boiler

General and Steam Boiler Information

  1. Trim Description Sheet 102-105-I
  2. Trim Description Sheet 103-105-I L
  3. Trim Description Sheet 101-105-IV-VI
  4. GBI 101-5
  5. Bulletin 101-5
  6. Bulletin 1001-B-C
  7. Rec. Spec 101-105-I-VI
  8. Rec. Spec 101-105L
  9. Rec Spec 101-105-I-VI-CSI  PDF   Word

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